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20 things that happen in every single series of Bake Off

Like so many Great British institutions, some things on The Great British Bake Off just never change.

… Approximately 42% of the entire series will be spent watching the bakers stare intently into their ovens.

… One of the ovens will play up, leading a baker to question their sanity.

… The oven in question will turn out to have not been turned on in the first place.

… A baker will debate whether or not to use the proving drawer.

… Viewers at home will wonder if they should get a proving drawer, and whether or not getting a proving drawer would unlock their inner baking expert.

… During this time, the baker in question will have spent so long wondering whether or not to use the proving drawer that their dough will already have risen.

… Two bakers will form a heartwarming friendmance.

… A baker, and millions of viewers at home, will discuss whether they are intimidated or low-key aroused by Paul Hollywood’s intense eye contact.

… At least one baker will bake something that looks like… something else. Giggling will ensue.

… Bakers in the tent will be challenged by adverse weather conditions outside it – be that driving rain, hail and gale-force winds, or sunshine so unseasonably strong that everything will melt the moment it’s removed from the freezer.

… A showstopper will collapse.

… At least three bottoms will be soggy.

… Someone will attempt to build a real-life landmark out of either biscuits or tiny cakes.

… While the bakers deliberate over which type of meringue to use in a particularly fiendish technical challenge, viewers at home will wonder how many types of meringue there are, and why they haven’t been aware of them until now.

… We’ll all learn all about a new, obscure ‘traditional’ bake from a far-away land.

… One baker’s quirks will prove to be too overwhelmingly adorable for the GBBO fandom, and something like #AngieForPrimeMinister will trend on Twitter

… One baker will utterly misinterpret the recipe for a mysterious technical challenge.

… Another baker will get it uncannily spot-on, despite never having seen, tasted or even heard of it before.

… While a baker describes their recipe to the judges, Paul will predict a disaster, and then look smug when it comes true.

… The country, as one, will wince, whoop, wail and swoon during each and every episode.

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