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A Fresh Batch of Puns

At the tent this week, it wasn’t only the bakers whipping up creations. Noel had brought a basket full of fresh puns with him, much to Sandi’s dismay. Are Noel’s music puns a hit or bottom of the charts?

– Scone Jovi

– Bun Direction

– Lethal Drizzle

– Flan Duran

– Siouxsie Choux

– Naan Inch Nails

– Crusty Springfield

– Ganaches to Ashes

– Dough-Anna Ross

– Fiddler on the Proof

– Whisk and Shout

– Total Eclipse of the Tart

– Ringo Star Anise

– Bun-DMC

– Quiche Richards

– Sitting on the dock of the Bagel

– Take Another Little Pizza My Heart

For more buns (and puns) watch The Great British Bake Off. Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.