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A poem for our winner

And then there were three. Our Finalists made it,

The best of friends: Alice, Steph and David,

With no Star Baker prizes, David felt

He was the underdog, but he didn’t melt

Under the pressure – quite the opposite,

A story of true determination and grit,

David’s signature was a chocolate cake,

With prune and armagnac he chose to bake,

It was a little boozy, said Paul and Prue,

But his texture and decoration stayed true,

Then came the technical: twice-baked soufflé,

And with first place, David ran away,

His biscuit snapped, it was lovely and thin,

And his soufflé was beautifully baked – what a win!

Finally, the showstopper of a picnic basket,

Peaches, cheeses and sausage rolls hiding a secret,

They were actually bread rolls, biscuits and cakes,

Anyone would be duped by these magical fakes,

Paul and Prue thought David very clever,

His lemon pound cake ‘cheeses’ they could eat forever,

Above and beyond David managed to go,

All that was left to say was a big ‘BRAVO!’

Congratulations to David, the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2019.

We’re looking to crown the next Bake Off champion for the eleventh series of The Great British Bake Off, so if you or someone you know is a Star Baker in the making then why not apply now: