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Alice: Biscuit Week’s Star Baker

Another week, another Star Baker

This time a wonderful biscuit-maker

Alice’s honeycomb peanut mallow bars

Were praised for their flavour and different textures

Next, whether fig rolls are a cake or biccie

Wasn’t the thing that made them tricky

But Alice rolled her way right through the bake

And straight into the technical’s very first place

For her showstopper, a baa-ffling sculpture

Inspired by her recent adventures down under

A lamb made of coconut and chocolate white

With macarons that were judged to be maca-right

On her ambitious biccie sculpture, Alice risked it

But all paid off when she took the Star Baker biscuit.

Congratulations to Alice, the Star Baker of Biscuit Week! Find out who is on a roll for Bread Week on Tuesday 10th September at 8pm on Channel 4.