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Alice: Pâtisserie Week’s Star Baker

For the Semi Final, it was Pâtisserie Week,

To impress the judges, our bakers did seek,

Alice began with mocha and orange domed tarts,

That seemed to steal Paul and Prue’s hearts,

The flavours and textures were pronounced ‘stunning’,

And Alice found herself in the running,

The Technical was tricky and Alice sadly came last,

But she was resolved to make that her past,

Her Showstopper was a plea to ‘Save Our Oceans’,

As well as its strong message, it was a taste sensation,

And beautifully decorated – so it was unsurprising,

When the Star Baker accolade, Alice did win.

Congratulations to Alice, Star Baker of the Semi Final. Find out who is crowned the winner of Series 10 of The Great British Bake Off when The Final airs on Tuesday 29th October at 8pm on Channel 4.