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And the Winner is…

Twelve bakers entered the Bake Off bubble at the start of the competition, but only one could be crowned the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2020. Tonight, Peter celebrated his win in an extraordinary Bake Off series that has made television history.

We chatted to Peter, 20 from Edinburgh, about his time in the tent:

‘I can’t quite believe that I am here, I can’t quite believe that I made it onto the show, and I can’t quite believe that the show happened. This is going to be a really huge chapter in my life, and what a way for it to end. I wanted this a lot. When I was 12, I was watching repeats of Bake Off back to back, and it got me into baking big time. I am a Bake Off nerd, and I think 12 year old Peter would be in awe and just the most excited giddy kid. I am that excited giddy kid right now.

‘Bake Off has given me a whole new set of friends that share an obsessive love of baking. I didn’t quite expect to have made as strong connections as I have and I know that we will all keep in touch. Dave, Laura and I were so happy to be in The Final together, we were so close and really supported each other. This year particularly all the bakers helped support each other through the journey, from day one. It’s a shame we can’t all win. 

‘Matt and Noel were great to be with in the tent, it was always fun, they were always doing random silly things that would never cross my mind. They kept it very light and would also give really good reassurance in a controlled and kind way, when they knew you wanted a bit of warmth and support, along with the mad stuff. When Noel called me the baby-faced assassin and said the apprentice always takes over from the master – it was quite a funny nickname to be given but I wouldn’t expect anything less wacky from Noel. And I promise you, I didn’t kill the master at the end of the series.

‘Filming in the bubble was certainly a unique experience inside and outside the tent. It was a very intense environment to be in but it was hugely fun whilst filming and also in our down time. You saw Paul on his moped, the crew doing yoga or playing rounders or tennis. It was like a holiday camp for grown-ups for seven weeks.   

‘I am studying at Edinburgh University, and it’s my third year in a four year degree, it’s been an interesting year generally. It is an odd start for any student, and then add on Bake Off and it’s even more bizarre. I have started to be recognised a little bit more, but everyone has been such good fun and supportive, it’s been a really enjoyable experience. I hope I have made Scotland proud by being the first Scottish winner. I enjoyed using Scottish flavours and themes when I could throughout the competition.

‘I would like to say thank you to my family, my flatmates, the other Bakers and everyone in the production team and the hotel staff. I loved being there as it was a place full of positive energy, and fun. The people made it such a wonderful place to be.

‘Bake Off has definitely broadened my baking, it has opened me up to new styles of baking.  I was quite adventurous before, but now I am less nervous of stepping out of my baking comfort zone. I tried to take on board the judges’ comments and I feel I have learned about baking on a deeper level. The tent isn’t just about baking good bakes, it’s about creating the perfect version of anything you bake.

‘If you enjoy baking and making friends, it’s worth applying no matter what your experience.  The application process is interesting and challenging, and getting on the show is extraordinarily fun. You develop as a baker from the experience, so it’s worth giving it a crack.’

‘After winning the trophy I had to smuggle it on the plane back to Edinburgh. I was a bit stressed when we went through the scanners. And then it stayed on my family worktop in the kitchen hidden in a box. I can’t wait to crack it out of the box and give it as much use as I possibly can.

‘I think GBBO has changed my life. It is the most intense and challenging experience of my life so I think I have learned a lot and have grown up whilst being in the bake off bubble.   I’m looking forward to baking a few things at a relaxed pace for friends and family who won’t be scrutinising my bakes quite as closely as the judges! I don’t know what will come out of this but I hope there are a few fun opportunities that I can take up!’

Peter will join Jo Brand and Tom Allen on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice on Friday 27th November at 8pm on Channel 4.  

To apply for Series 12 of Bake Off, head to now.