Dan Cocker's
Jaws Cake

  • Bake type: Cakes
  • Made in: LONDON
  • Skill level: Hard
  • Time taken: Over 4 hours

About this Bake

This is a birthday cake was for my son, Rocky, who turned seven. He hasn't watched Jaws (he's a bit too young) but he loves sharks. I made the cake with seven layers of pink flesh-coloured vanilla sponge. It was nerve-wracking at times but we were so pleased with the end result!

Top tip

This cake is tall so I inserted two wooden kebab skewers into the top, all the way to the bottom layer to stabilise it - it made it so much easier to assemble and decorate. After applying the buttercream crumb coat I put the cake in the fridge for two hours to set before applying the fondant icing.