Huda Al Rasbi's
Delicious Morning Jam Flower Bre

  • Bake type: Sweet Dough
  • Made in: Muscat
  • Skill level: Medium
  • Time taken: 4 hours

About this Bake

This Jam Flower Bread , is a 10x better morning bread and Jam. The sweet dough itself is very soft and buttery, filled with layers of jam, chopped walnuts and pistachios, raisins and dark chocolate 85%, just to counter the sweetness of the jam and to add a depth flavour at the end of each bites, it

Top tip

Don't be afraid of the twists, they may not look the best before proofing, but they will turn into the most beautiful layers , especially if you used different colours to add a contrast e.g, make a chocolate brioche using Nutella. To make sure the edges can resemble the flower petals as much as poss