Moya Congdon's
Oreo/Reece’s pieces sponge cake

  • Bake type: Cakes
  • Made in: Dublin
  • Skill level: Hard
  • Time taken: Over 4 hours

About this Bake

2 tiered vanilla sponge cake with Oreo / chocolate fudge and buttercream icing on the bottom tier and vanilla buttercream with blended Reece's pieces buttercream in top tier. The cake is for the finale of a popular teenage TV show "Pretty Little Liars" and has fondant/sugarpaste etc work

Top tip

If using rice crispie treats use hot from the saucepan as they will be the easiest to mould with then, also leave the cake if possible in the fridge dirty iced to harden for a few hours before assembling fondant over cake.