Age: 31

Claire lives in Cheshire, where she works as a Speech and Language Therapist. Claire has been baking since she was 11 years old as both her mum and grandmother were wedding cake decorators and her father was a chef, and they all taught her crucial techniques which should come in handy for the Bake Off. Claire and her sister Katie were told to each choose a specialist bake that they could learn by heart as their true signature bake.

Claire used to be a chaotic baker but since marrying her husband, Carl, a chemist, his precision work has rubbed off on her in the kitchen. Claire is known for her unorthodox approach to slimming clubs – bringing along cakes for her fellow slimmers… She loves making cakes and pastries, particularly Chelsea buns, and her sense of fun and mischief come through in her baking. She likes to decorate extravagantly with real attention to detail, always researching and playing around with different ingredients.

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