Age: 69

Diana is The Great British Bake Off’s oldest baker so far. She is a traditional baker armed with a quick wit and sense of seeing the brighter side of life. The daughter of a dairy farmer, she grew up on the farm in Shropshire on the Welsh borders where she joined the W.I. at the age of just 13 and became a W.I. judge at just 20 years old. Diana met her husband, Malcolm, at a Young Farmers social event when she was just 16 and they have been together ever since. Her garden is her main hobby.

Diana learnt to bake with her mother and grandmother from when she was just knee high. She is a traditional baker who has a strong base of knowledge to call on, and is confident making pies, pastries and cakes but feels bread may be her weakest area. Diana can whip something together from whatever odds and ends are lying around in the pantry in order to feed any unexpected visitors. Making her daughter’s wedding cake was her proudest baking moment but she describes her signature bakes as her chocolate cake, her flaky pastry, her Eccles cakes and her vanilla slices.

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