Age: 32

Jordan lives in Nottingham where he works as an I.T. manager.  He is the self-confessed ‘nerdy baker’ of the tent.  Jordan is highly intelligent and constantly absorbs trivia and new skills; from spinning his own wool, perfecting his embroidery, from baking to hairdressing!   Jordan plays Dungeons and Dragons with his friends and loves to read comic books. He keeps fit by cycling his bike five miles to and from work every day.  When offered an easy way and a complex way to do something he will always go for the most difficult…

Jordan is a baking revolutionary; passionate about crossbreeding bakes like his “pretzel-croissant”, he has lost days of his life perfecting his own version of the “cronut.”  He has been baking seriously for the last three years but has dabbled in it for longer than that.  He sees baking as similar to coding; one wrong instruction and the whole thing goes awry.  He calls his pet sourdough starter ‘Yorick the Yeast’, who requires daily feeding to keep him happy and healthy.

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