Age: 25
From: London
Job: Photographer

Originally from Preston, keen baker Rob has a real passion for patisserie and is determined to find the perfect loaf. His two biggest ambitions are to make someone cry over his baking and for Paul Hollywood to be blown away by his pastry. Not literally.

He finds baking inspirational because it is both technical and creative and he enjoys the fact that it relies on science and his mind to create something special. He will always find time for baking but when he’s not at the stove Rob loves to read, play the guitar and harmonica, and practise circus tricks such as juggling.

Rob was taught to bake as a boy by his mum. His friends thought he was strange because he spent Saturdays baking at home with his mum while his siblings went to watch football.

His biggest challenge is to make croissants as his have always failed in the past.

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