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Ben crumbles in Biscuit Week

Ben departed after failing to impress the judges during Biscuit Week, which also saw Holly and Jason both crowned Star Baker.

“His macaroons were terrible,” Paul Hollywood said of Ben’s efforts.

“His ginger nuts were far too hot and he was fourth from bottom with the brandy snaps”. Fellow judge Mary Berry added that the aspiring baker had “done jolly well up until then.”

Amidst tears, disappointed Ben resolutely stated: “I am proud – and I know friends and family will be proud as well.”

Despite stern criticism for his Ledkuchen in the opening Signature Bake Challenge, Jason stormed to success after his brandy snaps and Pina Colada macaroons dazzled Mary and Paul. This was a remarkable feat given that the young baker hadn’t even tasted a brandy snap prior to the Technical Challenge.

“My mum will be chuffed when I tell her that I’m Star Baker again,” beamed Jason, “especially with all that has happened this particular weekend.”

Holly shared the accolade with Jason, with her ‘Chocolate Bars Of My Youth’ macaroons being dubbed “a very good batch” by Mary. The same judge also lauded her brandy snaps for their consistency.

“I am going to enjoy being Star Baker, especially because it’s a joint Star Baker this time,” explained Holly. “It’s nicer because you enjoy the victory with someone.”