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Born ‘n’ Bread

Noel: ‘I can’t imagine you’re a bap kind of character…’

Henry: ‘What sort of character am I?’

Noel: ‘A wholemeal pitta bread…’

Henry: ‘I’ll take that!’

An interesting conversation between Noel and Henry got us debating, what kind of bread would each of our bakers be? The absolute definitive answers are below.

Alice – Geography teacher Alice would be sourdough, the original leavened loaf made by the Ancient Egyptians.

Amelia – Yorkshire-born Amelia is a toasted teacake with a cuppa.

David – health adviser David is a rye bread.

Helena – Halloween loving Helena would be a slice of pumpkin loaf.

Henry – Noel was bang on with Henry as a wholemeal pitta bread.

Michael – fitness instructor Michael would be a bicycle-style wheel of bread.

Michelle – proud Welsh-woman Michelle would be a local brown soda bread with cheese.

Phil – family man Phil would be a good old white bloomer.

Priya – book loving Priya would be Mrs Beaver’s sticky marmalade roll from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Rosie – Vet Rosie would of course be a tiger loaf.

Steph – friendly Steph is a good old round of toast with jam.

Next up it’s Dairy Week, and we promise not milk the analogies or over egg the proverbial pudding… Tuesday 17th September at 8pm on Channel 4.