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The One With The Budgie Smugglers – Your Quarter Final Verdict!

“How are they gonna chose who to go??!!! Difficult decisions tonight on @BritishBakeOff,” tweeted @Tazalee as the almost unbearably tense Quarter Final drew to a close.

Alas, not even a sublime showstopper in the shape of a guitar could save one battling baker. “Sad to see Christine go,” wrote Alison Harrison on our official Facebook page. “It’s so close now, I’d hate to be judging!”

Niek van der Heijden added: “The outcome looks logical to me: Christine has reached her level of perfection, while the other four still have growing-potential.”

Christine certainly reached her potential in the sphere of double entendres, sending Twitter into meltdown with her “Oh, my little knob’s fallen out” quip while encountering some technical difficulties with her guitar.

This came shortly after Bake Off viewers had scooped their jaws from the floor following Sue Perkins’ suggestion that a ‘Paul Hollywood Budgie Smugglers Novelty Cake’ was a viable option for the final round. This prompted @wwyummy to get in touch:

“Thank you @BritishBakeOff for the following question: Mummy, what are budgie smugglers?”

Erm… unscrupulous ornithologists?

Moving swiftly on, the multi-dimensional specifications of the Showstopper led @caitlinmoran to drop the bombshell that “ALL CAKES ARE 3D”. Well, not if the infamous Perkins elbow has anything to do with it. Remember poor Howard’s squished muffin?

Fans also picked up on a glorious case of mistaken identity involving Mel seeing Kimberley’s rose-themed effort through cabbage-tinted glasses. “It looks like a beautiful cabbage” was never going to be the best compliment,” remarked @Feelgd_Foodbk.

The dairy, wheat and gluten free challenges drew acclaim from many viewers. “As somebody who is gluten intolerant, its nice to see some alternative options being used,” wrote @Chelle_Buckle.

The Star Baker of the week was Ruby, who branded herself ‘The Incredible Hulk’ after smashing a glass bowl. Joss Whedon should really consider casting her in The Avengers 2. About her Showstopping effort, @JazzyMcD said: “A garden and a shed on a cake?! Only #GBBO can make vegetable cake look scrumptious.”

It was a close call on the judging front however, prompting @PaulHollywood to clarify: “Judging is based on TASTE, as well as looks etc… opinions are divided I understand that, but watch and see. Mary and myself say it as it is.”

The final word goes to @peninwonderland, who summed up the well-wishing views of many fans by tweeting: “The cakes are just so inventive. How can you say anything bad about them. You all deserve to stay!”

If only… but with a Semi Final looming there’s sure to be more tough calls. Hopefully more cuteness too, as we’re still ‘awww-ing’ as a result of Beca’s mouse and cheese cake!

P.S. Thanks to @DJDunnings for supplying this week’s #BakeOffFriends title at the top of the page!

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