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A chin-wag with Caroline Flack

TV presenter Caroline is brilliant at making toast but sadly that’s unlikely to be one of the challenges in the tent. Will her baking genes finally shine through?

So, Caroline: can you bake?

No, well I don’t really know the science of baking. I used to think you sort of put a load of butter and flour and sugar in a bowl and it would work out all right. My grandad actually owned a bakery for 20 years, he was a master baker in North London, but it never passed down to any of us, my mum doesn’t bake, my sisters don’t bake, I don’t bake.

What is your own personal signature dish?


Have you had any major baking disasters before?

A whole Christmas once went down because I put the grill on instead of the oven. And since then whenever I have any sort of dinner party, people turn up with their own food and dishes.

What’s your strength in baking?

My strength now is probably the mixing because I’ve been taught how to do it properly and I didn’t realise the mixing is really important. I thought you just put a spoon in the bowl and mix it up but actually it’s all about the air and I didn’t know about that, I’d never been taught it.

Are you more likely to get a Hollywood handshake, or a soggy bottom?

I really want a handshake, I’d love one, it would be nice wouldn’t it? I don’t think I’m ever going to get one.

Why are you supporting Stand Up To Cancer?

I think it’s just a fantastic charity, I think, you know, nearly everyone is affected by cancer. It’s just a really important cause to get involved with.

Are you competitive? Do you want to be the star baker?

I’m really competitive at everything, even when I’m bad at something I really want to win it, no one likes playing games with me at Christmas, I get taken far too seriously. Yes, of course we’re doing it for the competition, we’re here to be judged. But saying that, I’m not a bad loser, just to get through it is fun, but yeah of course!

Are you a traditionalist or do you like experimenting with food?

Neither. I’m not very experimental with food, I have to be honest. Even if I cook, I don’t really know how to make dishes. I’m good at eating other peoples’ food, there are people paid to cook out there – restaurants, they’re good!

If you were a baked good what would you be?

I would be a cheese and onion pasty.