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A chin-wag with Hannah Cockroft

Swapping olympic stadiums for the equally impressive Bake Off tent will be the extremely decorated Paralympic gold medalist Hannah Cockroft. Is she hoping to make room on her trophy shelf for a Star Baker apron? Let’s find out.

So, Hannah. can you bake?

I can bake better than I can cook but I wouldn’t choose to bake.

Who taught you to bake?

My grandma and my mum. My grandma quite liked baking, so I got involved in things like making a birthday cake. I was always going in and basically licking the bowl. It wasn’t really helping to bake, that was the bit I was missing, I was just wanting to eat the ingredients. So  I wouldn’t say I was really taught; I just guess my way through it.

What is your personal signature dish?

A Victoria sponge, the simplest of simple, nothing extravagant going on here.

Who do you reckon is the biggest competition in the tent?

I thought it would be Jon Richardson but now I think it would be the other John, John Lithgow.  But Russell can’t be ruled out. The technical challenge is going to be especially tough… whoever can follow instructions will do well — which is why I feel like it’s not going to be me!

What’s your strength in baking?

Can I say eating? That is my only strength with baking I feel. It’s still eating I’m best at.

If you were a baked good, what would you be?

Is a Yorkshire pudding a baked good, as it goes in the oven? I’d be a Yorkshire pudding, As a Yorkshire girl, I eat a lot of Yorkshire puddings!

Why is it important to you to support Stand Up To Cancer?

I don’t think anybody doesn’t know someone affected by cancer. That shows how widespread it is. The Stand Up To Cancer campaign highlights how it affects one in every two people, and if you can help in any way possible then that’s what you should do. If this helps find a cure, we can save a lot of families the heartbreak and devastation.

Baking is fun — get the fundraising pack and do it with friends. Everyone loves a piece of cake! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a piece of cake. If you can go and have fun and raise money at the same time, then what reason have you got to not get involved?