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A chin-wag with Jeremy Paxman

He’s locked horns with the most terrifying people in the world, but he hasn’t come up against Paul and Prue. How does Jeremy Paxman rate his chances?

So, Jeremy: can you bake?


Who do you want to impress the most, Paul or Prue?

I will just be relieved to go without being held up to public ridicule – that’s all I want.

Why are you supporting Stand Up To Cancer?

Well, I’ve had friends who’ve had cancer and some have survived and some have not.  I just think that it’s incredibly common and it matters that we try to do something about it.  It may be that we won’t succeed, but we can try.

Are you competitive? Do you want to get star baker?

I am competitive of course, but for someone to win, others have to lose and I don’t like that, we’re all doing it for the same reason we just want to raise a bit of money for cancer relief.

Are you a traditionalist or do you like to experiment with wacky flavours?

I don’t bake, I like cooking. I can cook.  In cooking I like experimentation.

If you were a baked good what would you be?

I would be a savoury rather than a sweet, a cheese straw would be alright. I just like them.