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A chin-wag with Krishnan Guru-Murthy

How will the pressure of the tent compare to the pressure of the newsroom?

So, Krishnan: can you bake?

No, I can’t bake. I mean I’ve baked a couple of times in my life – I’ve baked a couple of chocolate cakes for the kids, but that’s basically it.

Who taught you to bake?

When I was a kid we’d make cakes with my mum but I never used to actually absorb anything. You stir, you taste, you helped out, nobody has taught me to bake. I follow a couple of recipes and that’s it.

What is your personal signature dish?

As a cookery thing, I can make a good curry, but that doesn’t involve baking or even an oven, so I have no experience really of baking that is useful for this at all.

Who do you want to impress the most in the tent?

It’s interesting – Prue is the one I arrived sort of wanting to impress, and Paul is the one who seems harder to impress, so you kind of want Paul’s approval really once you’re in there.  You want him to be nice to you – you want all of them to like it to be honest.

Who do you reckon is the biggest competition in the tent?

Greg is clearly the most experienced and knows his way around the kitchen and is very confident, and I think cooking is a lot to do with confidence, so he’s definitely the front runner.

Why are you supporting Stand Up To Cancer?

I’m supporting Stand Up To Cancer because I’m in that region of my life where a lot of people I know, both family and friends are touched by cancer or have cancer, or have died from cancer.  I think Stand Up To Cancer, through a sustained effort over time, can make a big difference, so if we can make real progress then that’s worth raising money for.

How do you feel about the technical? Are you good under pressure?

Well it depends on the scenario. Generally I am very good under pressure. It’s what I do, dealing with it when all hell is breaking loose and everything is going wrong. It’s exactly what I’m supposed to be good at, but I’m totally out of my comfort zone here, so dealing with things going wrong in the kitchen is very different to things going wrong on a live TV show. I have a feeling that there isn’t time for things to go wrong. If things go wrong you’re kind of stuffed, unless it’s at the beginning.

Last question, if you were a baked good what would you be?

I think I’d be a soft-centred chocolate pudding.