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Christine’s Magic Moments

Thank you for all of the support you’ve given me this series. The fans on Twitter and Facebook and the lovely people in the shops, exhibitions and everywhere else I have been who have shown me such loyalty and enthusiasm. This is just the beginning of so much more…

Here’s my highs and lows…


– Meeting 12 of the most amazing people in my fellow bakers. We got on so well, helped each other when needed and will remain friends for a very long time. Also, spending time with the wonderful crew of producers, researchers and cameramen, the stress levels were kept to a minimum because of their support.

– Winning ‘Star Baker’ twice! It’s such a marvellous feeling when your name is called out, it makes all the planning, preparation and yes, a measure of very hard work, worthwhile.

– The fun we had with Mel and Sue. They are my two favourite people and in the tent they were funny, supportive and kind. Most of all they picked you up when it all seemed a bit lost. And who can ever forget the fun with the Suet pudding!

– Finishing the Puff Pastry teatime ‘treats’ in the four hours…that was a real feat of endurance!!

– Holding the BAFTA that GBBO had won the weekend before, what a thrill that was.


– Ruining my Apple and Plum Pie by running out of time and it therefore not being cooked properly. A real disappointment as it was my granny’s recipe and I felt I had let her down.

– The tears shed after certain disappointments. Before the Bake Off I was determined not to do that but frustration took over.

– Not getting to the Final, I really wanted to do that.

– Cutting my thumb so I couldn’t finish my first ever bake on the programme, what an idiotic thing to do.