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The One With The Custard-y Battle – Your Week 3 Verdict!

The fact that “Poor Howard” and “Custardgate” were both trending on Twitter tells you what the main talking point was, as our beloved show turned into CSI: Bake Off during Dessert Week!

The unfortunate incident in which Deborah accidentally took Howard’s custard while making a trifle, certainly set tongues wagging and fingers tweeting. “Poor Howard he has not much luck,” wrote @lbroadl2. “Last week Sue put his elbow in his muffins and now this week someone steals his custard!”

As @Little_Un_ highlighted in the   #BakeOffFriends game, it was ‘The One With The Custard-y Battle’. On the subject of Friends, many viewers were reminded of a particular episode in which Jennifer Aniston’s character attempted a trifle. “I would LOVE someone to make a trifle a la Rachel from Friends,” joked @AbridgedDesigns. “Ladyfingers, jam, custard, raspberries, beef, peas & onions…”

There was ultimately sympathy for Deborah too, who left the competition in a shock double elimination with Mark. “Actually shed a few tears watching Deborah go, felt so so sorry for her! She was lovely,” gushed @Princess_DD1.

“Both struggled this week. It was the right decision,” stated Michelle Smith on our official Facebook fan page. “Well done Mark! You’re a star my friend and a true gent!” tweeted fellow Series 4 contestant @RobSmartBakes.

“Star Baker was definitely the right choice,” wrote Sarah Packham about Christine’s victory, built on the back of a Pina Colada Trifle that would’ve made Del Boy drool! “I don’t know whether to eat it or drink it,” joked last year’s Bake Off winner @JohnWhaiteBakes. “Christine pulled it out the bag with that trifle. Everything is better with a tiny umbrella,” quipped @hatkinson_.

Following in the footsteps of last week’s “crumb structure”, the baking phrase of the night belonged to “slack custard”. “I didn’t realise custard could be described as ‘slack’ #learnsomethingneweveryday,” said @niaaamhie_, while @FionaTipper pondered: “How about describing someone’s morals as ‘as slack as her custard’?”

As for ‘trifle suction’, the less said the better! Brace yourselves for an outpouring of culinary innuendos next week though, as pies and tarts are on the menu. This means ‘Soggy Bottom’ alert!

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