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The One With The Elbow – Your Week 2 Verdict!

Not even the tentacles of Rob’s Paul The Psychic Octopus Tribute Loaf could prevent Ruby from overcoming last week’s woes to land the Star Baker in Bread Week…

In a saucy episode described by @ginger_ninja24 as ‘The One With More Innuendo Than You Could Shake A Breadstick At” in our popular #BakeOffFriends game on the official Twitter feed, a near absence of blue plasters compared to Cake Week proved to be a relief to viewers and bakers alike.

While some felt Kimberley was unlucky not to land Star Baker, there was huge praise online for Ruth’s peacock. “I’m guessing Ruby’s first day nerves have gone! What a splendid peacock #toogoodtoeat,” gushed @MrsPinneys. “Thought the peacock was very creative a big difference from last weeks performance,” wrote Siobhán Marcer on Facebook.

As for the incident dubbed #Elbowgate, in which Sue Perkins accidentally squashed one of Howard’s muffins… “it could have happened to anyone,” stated Sharon Ward. “Just glad it wasn’t my muffins that got flattened”. “I hope @sueperkins writes him a sick note for that muffin,” added @likemamuse2bake. “Love that #Elbowgate is trending!” beamed @katebracks.

Meanwhile @Kate_Jervis tweeted, possibly before she saw a certain tribute loaf, that “Rob has such a brilliantly scientific approach to baking. Possible Heston Blumenthal in the making?” Reactions to the octopus were varied, with Anna Maria Brook writing that “His other bakes were good… but this looked like he got his felt-tipped pens out and drew on a misshaped loaf of bread.”

Sadly, it was Lucy’s turn to leave the competition after failing to dazzle the judges with what they felt was a rather plain Showstopper. But there were many plaudits for her efforts, including our very own @PaulHollywood tweeting that the “standard was extremely high that’s why it appears I’m being nice!!! Lucy did really well and was missed.”

As for the immediate future, we’re off to speak to a psychic octopus about his predictions for Desserts Week next Tuesday. Oh, and belt out ‘Bohemian Bapsody’ at karaoke.

We’ll leave you with the words of pop singer @DianaVickers, who summed up the thoughts of millions with her tweet: “@BritishBakeOff I want bread in my belly NOW!”

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