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Episode 2 – Bread Week – Bakes & Results

In a second week dominated by the force of the mighty Sue Perkins elbow, the bakers excelled themselves and mostly passed The Hollywood Snap Test during a tense and pun-tastic Bread Week…

Star Baker


Departing Baker


Quote Of The Night:

“I said I wouldn’t be one of those lunatics kneeling on the floor by the oven…” – Rob

#BakeOffFriends Titles:

The One With The Elbowed Muffin (@jemmalem)

The One With The Rise Of The Cephalopod (@billiwilliams)

The One With More Innuendo Than You Could Shake A Breadstick At (@ginger_ninja24)

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Signature Bake: Breadsticks

Ali – Italian Grissini: Parmesan, Garlic, Jalapeno, and Italian Seasoned Breadsticks

Beca – Fennel and Chili Breadsticks

Christine – Mediterranean Breadsticks with oregano

Deborah – Fennel and Chili Breadsticks

Frances – Frances’ Giant Chocolate and Chili Matchsticks

Glenn – Rosemary and Parmesan Grissini

Howard – Moroccan Breadsticks

Kimberley – Nigella Seed and Parmesan Breadsticks

Lucy – Grissini with salt

Mark – Rosemary and Raisin Breadsticks

Rob – Twisty Rye Breadsticks

Ruby – Mexican Breadsticks

Technical Bake – English Muffins

Technical Challenge Winner: Kimberley

The Showstoppers: Shaped Bread

Ali – Sweet and Savoury Yin Yang Novelty Bread: vanilla, white chocolate & apricot brioche, with chicken tikka & paneer

Beca – Spiced Sultana and Honey Wholemeal Christmas Wreath

Christine – Double Plaited Four Flavour loaf

Deborah – Walnut Fleur Loaf

Frances – Frances’ Sailor’s Knot

Glenn – Harvest Crown

Howard – Picasso Sun Bread

Kimberley – Peace Bread: Challah bread ring filled with Za’atar onions and garlic

Lucy – Roasted Tomato Bread

Mark – Sage and Garlic Plait

Rob – Paul the Psychic Octopus Tribute Loaf

Ruby – White Chocolate and  Orange Peacock Bread