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Episode 6 – Sweet Dough Week – Bakes & Results

A heap of hemp and a parading of his peachy buns were not enough to save Howard from the axe at the end of Sweet Dough Week. It was a tough decision for the judges, in the wake of a Technical Challenge that left Paul Hollywood thoroughly impressed by the justice done to his couronne recipe…

Star Baker


Departing Baker


Quotes Of The Night:

Mary: Have you told them how long to bake it?

Paul: No, it’s entirely up to them.

Mary: You’re very cruel.

Paul: Oh yes.

#BakeOffFriends Titles:

The One With All The Crying (@MillyTheHunt)

The One With Sweet Howard’s ‘Doh!’ (Dough) (@HannahPayne78)

The One With All The Hemp (@ssotss)

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Signature Bake: Tea Loaf

Beca – Bara Brith

Christine – Oxford Nutty Fruit Loaf with apricots, sultanas and walnuts.

Frances – Chai Tea Loaf

Glenn – Devonshire Panettone

Howard – Date and Hemp Yorkshire Loaf

Kimberley – Chai Spiced Ginger and Date Tea Loaf

Ruby – Citrus Tea Loaf

Technical Bake – Paul Hollywood’s Apricot Couronne

Technical Challenge Winner: Ruby

The Showstoppers: European Buns


1. Cardamom Spiced Lemon Iced Buns

2. Chocolate & Rum Soaked Prune Brioche


1. Schneken buns with cherry and raisins

2. Skolebrød (School bread) with vanilla custard and home made raspberry jam

Frances – Noughts and Crosses

1. Hot cross brioche

2. Rhubarb & custard kolaches


1. Sticky caramel kanelbullen

2. Apricot and Almond brioches


1. Peachy buns

2. Baumschnecken


1. Double Chocolate and Hazelnut Brioche filled with Kumquat Marmalade

2. Almond, cardamom, Apricot and Chamomile Kanelsnurrer


1. Kanelbullar

2. Saffron and Currant St. Lucia buns (Lussekatter)