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The final three: Rahul

The Final of The Great British Bake Off is fast approaching, and we can hardly wheat! As Kim-Joy pointed out in the Semi Final, this is the most closely-matched trio of GBBO finalists the show has ever seen, with all three having won Star Baker twice. It’s hard not to fall in loaf with all three bakers, so ahead of the final, we wanted to recap on each of their journeys to the top.

Research Scientist Rahul approaches each of his bakes with a forensic attitude and uncompromising attention to detail. Although he knows how to rock a white coat and lab goggles, Rahul also has an arty side, and always ensures his bakes are beautiful, full of flavour and structurally elegant to boot.

Rahul grew up in Kolkata, India, surrounded by his family, and moved to the UK on a university scholarship when he was 23. Once here, he discovered an abundance of new flavours and cuisines that have inspired his ‘east-meets-west’-style of baking. He is relatively new to baking and brings sweet treats to work to befriend his colleagues – in fact, it was a work friend who persuaded him to apply for The Great British Bake Off.

The series started off well for Rahul, who earned Star Baker and the first ever Hollywood Handshake for a Showstopper in Bake Off history. Bread Week was a particular highlight, with a double-whammy for Rahul. His Signature chelsea buns were beautifully flavoured with mango and cranberry and his British garden themed korovai had Paul calling him a “little genius”.

He’s been consistently praised since for his exciting flavours, strong technique and bold imagination – in fact, the only critique has been that he sometimes dreams too big with his bakes!

But Rahul didn’t let all that praise go to his head. “I’m not confident with anything happening around my life, so how can the baking temperature be any different?” he modestly worried. We feel you, Rahul.

To see whether Rahul, Kim-Joy or Ruby will be crowned this year’s winner of The Great British Bake Off, tune in to the final on Tuesday 30th of October at 8pm on Channel 4.