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Glenn: I’m on #TeamRuby

Ruby is like the best petit four: small, beautiful but with real bite and a punchy flavour…

What Ruby lacks in experience she more than makes up for in style, flair and palette. I started to root for her when she was came back fighting with her delicious chocolate and ginger cake after she had a hard time with her rhubarb and custard cake in the first episode. Plus, she has been star baker three times and proven herself to be talented, creative and highly skilled. What more could you ask for?

My favourite bake of hers was the rose, almond and raspberry filo pie – scrumptious! But for me, her Desert Island trifle (Episode 4 – Desserts Week) didn’t work as well  – I prefer my pina colada in a glass, and not in a pudding bowl.

Since the show a staggering number of people in person and online have shared their love of The Bake Off, of food, laughter and big cakes with me. I have made so many new friends. I am still at school helping the kids get geared up for the next batch of exams and in my free time trying to balance baking and dieting. I’ve been invited to do a lot of exciting other things and have even achieved a personal best in tasting over 100 cakes in a day for the Teignmouth RNLI.

I have learnt that few things are more delicious than banana caramel.  Fran changed my life with that banoffee millionaire’s shortbread. Wow. And I haven’t laughed so much as the time when Mel, Sue and I were on the floor staring into my oven having a Bonnie Tyler moment and properly belting, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

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