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Glenn’s Magic Moments

I loved every moment of Bake Off. I was convinced I wouldn’t stand a chance of being picked. I don’t think even watching the show gets across how stressful and yet how much fun the bakers have. We have become a family and I really can’t imagine my life without them now…

One of the reasons I applied for the show is because I am always telling my students that if they have a dream they should go for it. I went into the show a huge fan of all things Bake Off and I am more of a fan than ever. To all those of you out there who feel the same – go on! Apply for 2014, you never know..! Here’s some of my most memorable moments…

Biggest grin moment:

Coming 1st in the ‘floating islands’ technical challenge. Second with the tuiles was pretty good. I seemed to do OK on French things in the technical challenges it seems.

“Who saw that one coming?” moment:

Turning out macarons which were described as ‘exceptional’ by Paul – all thanks to Beca’s advice I might add!

Proud as punch moment:

Seeing my lovely dog Molly on TV. She has been a real hit with some fans who have sent me pictures of their dogs.

I want to look away but I can’t moment:

Beca and I watching Mel and Sue help Howard turn out his filo pie. It was like watching the first five minutes of Casualty.

The longest moment:

I was in such a state after my sweet bun disaster I couldn’t actually talk with emotion. I felt like a complete wazzock but people have been really kind about it. I had hundreds of offers of a hug from people which is so kind.

Struck a chord moment:

So many people I have bumped into and hundreds of the kids at school have agreed with me, “Cakes can’t be too big”.

Oh my giddy aunt moment:

I absolutely love custard in all its forms and yet for some reason in the tent I just kept mucking it up – the trifle, the custard tarts, the religeuses and the mille feuilles. So frustrating!

Brilliant friends on hand moment:

Actually there were so many of these. I was mortified to see that I reacted so badly to Kimberley’s advice about my sweet buns when they were welded into the pans. She was an inspiration to me and I had forgotten that I was so rude when she was helping. Sorry, Kimberley.

Channeling my inner Greek moment:

I really needed to pull something out of the bag on Pie & Tarts Week and was so pleased when Paul liked my Spanakopita. He lived in Cyprus for years and really knows his stuff about Greek food. I was over the moon that he was impressed.

GBBO first moment:

It was quite a shock when Mary found my boozy butterscotch sauce too alcoholic – and even more of a shock when Paul disagreed. Just when you think you know the judges…