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Hot crossword buns

This week, Sandi set Noel a fiendishly difficult word puzzle that would test his intelligence beyond measure: a riddle-drawing of an angry bread roll in the blazing sunshine. A hint was needed.

“So it’s a bun, and he’s angry, and it’s really hot”, she prompted.

Noel shot back with laser wit: “Toad in the hole.”

10/10 for effort Noel, but better luck next time. Speaking of, here’s our baking riddles or… hot crossword buns.

  1. Richard suffers from acne.
  2. Frog in its entirety?
  3. A borrower’s favourite biscuit.
  4. This prestigious school needs a clean.
  5. Almost the opposite of hell freezing over.
  6. This afternoon tea treat vanishes as soon as you say it.
  7. Which kind of tart is never badly baked?
  8. A drunk baby’s favourite cake?


As baffled as Noel? Peep below for the answers.

  1. Spotted dick
  2. Toad in the hole
  3. Shortbread
  4. Eton Mess
  5. Baked Alaska
  6. Scone (because ‘it’s scone’… geddit?)
  7. A Bakewell tart
  8. Rum baba


For more tenuous baking-related puns, tune in to The Great British Bake Off on Tuesday evenings at 8pm on Channel 4, or catch up on All 4.