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Jane: The Star Baker atop the Christmas tree

Congratulations to Jane, the Star Baker on top of the towering tree that was The Great Christmas Bake Off.

Jane started strong with her Signature ’12 Days of Decorating’ Norwegian spiced biscuits flavoured with cinnamon, almond and clove. Paul was full of praise, saying the biscuits were “baked to perfection”. As Jane said, “I don’t think that could have been any better could it really? It’s like opening a really brilliant Christmas present that you didn’t expect.”

But the successes didn’t stop there. Despite dropping one of her delicate laufabrauð en-route to the gingham altar, Jane’s traditional Icelandic breads came in first place, with Prue saying they were “beautifully done” and Paul calling them “pretty perfect”.

For her grande finale, Jane created a showstopping (and tongue twisting) hidden-penguin-in-a-present cake, inspired by her daughter’s favourite animal. She was aiming high calling it the ‘Practically Perfect Penguin Present Cake’ but Jane didn’t disappoint.

Congratulations to Jane, the winner of The Great Christmas Bake Off!

To see who wins The Great New Year’s Day Bake Off, watch Channel 4, 1st Jan 2019 at 7.40pm.