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Just Desserts: A Bake Off Quiz

In celebration of Dessert Week (and, let’s face it, as an excuse to use the title ‘Just Desserts’) we’ve crafted a baking quiz as fiendish as a technical. 

  1. What is the difference between a macaron and a macaroon?
  2. Should you roll a swiss roll when it’s warm or hot?
  3. Petit fours are small pastry snacks, but what does the phrase mean?
  4. In Cornwall, how does one build a cream tea?
  5. What is a ‘Queen of Puddings’? Clue: the answer is not Prue Leith.


Answers below: only head past the line when you’re ready for pudding.




  1. A macaron is a French treat consisting of two coloured discs sandwiched together. A macaroon is a coconut biscuit, sometimes dipped in chocolate.
  2. Trick question: roll it once first when warm, leave for an hour, then unroll, add the filling and roll it back up.
  3. Petit fours means ‘small oven’ in French.
  4. Scone, jam, then cream. In Devon, it’s scone, cream, then jam. Never mix them up.
  5. A retro pudding consisting of a breadcrumb-custard-cake, jam and meringue peaks. 


For dessert without the quizzing, catch up on Dessert Week and every other episode of Series 10, now live on All 4.