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Kate’s Magic Moments

I don’t think I have completely humiliated myself, there have been some fantastic bakes in amongst some of the shocking ones. It’s fine, I am not going to cry because it’s over because I am going to get to see who finishes this journey.

I would have felt better if I hadn’t come out on batter week, as I had two good weeks previously. I know I got nearly half way through but on a personal point to get so close it is still a bit raw. But you have to pick yourself up and carry on.

At work some of the patients have no idea that I am in Bake Off, and the other patients are finding it quite funny that they don’t know I am in Bake Off or watching it. It has been a real mixed bag of comments and the regular patients have been bringing their children into see me, and it’s quite sweet to see the kids get excited.

Friends, relatives and some of our regular patients encouraged me to apply and I am really pleased they did as I have loved the whole experience. Growing up on a farm I had an idyllic childhood, and mum gave me wooden spoons and a bowl from six months old in a high chair. From the age of six, I started baking independently using blackberries and apples from the farm.

My family have all been loving the show and my two daughters Lucy and Rebecca helped me prepare for the show by pretending to be Mel & Sue. They have enjoyed watching on screen and now have taken to walking round with tea towels on their shoulders pretending to be Selasi.

I have had loads of text messages from our Brownies group, and some of them watched Biscuit week at a sleepover and squealed with delight when they saw Paul eating my gingerbread and the gingerbread Brownies!

The best moment was on the first day of filming while I was waiting for my photograph to be taken. I was on my own at the front of the tent looking in as they were setting up the next shot, and it was then that I realised I really was on The Great British Bake Off. The worst moment was week 1 when somebody had to go home, whatever happens whether it is you or not, it is a bit of a sobering moment.

I want to carry on nursing, so life won’t change too much for me, I haven’t quite decided which way I want to take my baking. I love cake art and design, and I want to pursue that creative aspect of my baking. I can appreciate unusual and exotic flavours, but I still like to use local seasonal produce from Norfolk as much as possible in my bakes.