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Marie’s Magic Moments

To all those bakers out there, be proud and enjoy. Baking means happiness!

My best moments on the show were…

1. Being star baker. I will always treasure that moment.

2. Meeting Mary Berry was such a wonderful experience. I felt like I had known her all my life! She was so friendly and charming.

3. Paul saying that my Madeira cake was “perfect”.

4. Being part of a wonderful group of very talented bakers and getting to taste all the bakes and seeing the pride on all of the baker’s faces.

5. Just walking into the tent each day was so exciting.

And the moments I’d rather forget…

1. Baking Arlettes! Or should I say trying to bake Arlettes!

2. Finding the challenge time had run out and that all my biscuits hadn’t baked.

3. Leaving behind so many friends in the bakers, presenters, and the crew.

4. Trying to cut my Biscotti while it was hot… I should have fanned it!

5. Hearing my name being called as ” baker leaving this week”.