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Pud-bye to Amanda

Chouxnuts, baklava and terrine pies were the order of the day in Pastry Week, but it was Amanda who crumbled under the pressure and became the latest baker to leave the Tent.

‘I think the most important thing I have learned from being in the Tent is that I am more confident than I realised – which may be because we were made to feel so welcome and comfortable. Nothing was too much trouble. I have learned to be more creative with my baking after being inspired by my Bake Off family.

‘My best experience in the Tent by far, was singing show tunes with Matt and showing him my officer safety techniques! The worst was saying goodbye to the production team when I left the Tent.

‘I loved all of my Showstoppers but my favourite was the seabed in Bread Week. Not because I enjoyed making it but because I found it the most challenging to try and get the shapes of the octopus. On the day it came out the best I have ever done and I was so pleased with it.

‘My Greek heritage is obviously very important to me, particularly since my dad passed away just before the first lockdown. So we were able to spend time with him and I feel quite strongly that  I want to carry on his Greek traditions with my family. At home we make a lot of Greek dishes and cakes, it’s good for my soul!

‘All the Bakers came to my house in August for a summer barbecue. Jürgen brought Pittas, all the other bakers bought a dessert, and it was such a lovely day. We all keep in touch.

‘My most memorable moment overall is that my Bake Off experience  took me so far away from the harsh realities of the world – it will fill me with joy forever, and I will never forget it.  Thank you, Bake Off.’


Amanda will join Jo Brand and Tom Allen on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice on Friday 29th October on Channel 4 at 8pm.