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Pud-bye to George

The bakers took on caramel tarts, caramel biscuit bars, and showstopping domed desserts in Caramel Week, but it was George who became unstuck and had to say goodbye to the Tent.

‘My best moments in the Tent  were when the judges used words such as “sensational “ and “beautiful” when judging my bakes. I now want to learn more and perfect my baking skills! I would love to be more involved in the world of baking.

‘My favourite challenge was in Week 2 in Biscuit Week. I loved making the interactive toy plane, I was just so pleased the motor worked in the end, it was a magical moment. I cannot decide between mini rolls and chocolate caramel fingers as my worst challenge, as they were both disasters for me! I wanted to run out of the Tent when being judged.

‘Each week I definitely learned more from Paul and Prue’s feedback, and my baking knowledge really improved – it was such an invaluable experience. Having Matt and Noel around is so good, they do drive you nuts but they are a welcome distraction and help you see the funny side of things. Even if they take the fun out of your bakes, it really helps to dispel the tension. They have your back, and even if the judges are harsh, they always have something positive afterwards to make you feel better.

‘I now get recognised in supermarkets, on the train, petrol stations, and at school with people asking for selfies. I don’t mind it at all, it really is ok and I am enjoying my moment of fame. In the Greek community in North London where I live they have all been really supportive, and I hope I have done them all proud. I want to really focus on Greek food and bakes from now as that is my strongest baking area.

‘I think I will take away from my experience on Bake Off to have more confidence, I lacked a lot of that in the Tent. If you believe in yourself you will always get better results. Everyone has bad bakes, so just take the good with the bad and keep trying!’


George will join Jo Brand and Tom Allen on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice on Friday 5th November on Channel 4 at 8pm.