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Pud-bye to Helena

1920s Week sadly wasn’t a roaring success for either Helena or Michelle. In a double elimination, Halloween Queen Helena was taken over to the dark side. The 41 year old project manager shared her thoughts from her time in the tent:

‘When Paul talked about my fairy garden in the first episode that set social media alight. I do really have a fairy garden at home. It really made me laugh, and when my daughter asks me what I have done with my life I can say that I had a good joke with Paul about a fairy garden. It happened in the very first nerve-wracking episode so it lightened the moment and the whole tent was laughing. The first episode we watched at home I baked mini coffin cakes – made of lemon and poppyseed in a coffin shape. Prue described my bakes as pretty and sinister. I liked that!

‘My gothmance with Noel was such a big part of the show for me, he was a complete life saver and anytime I was judged, I looked at him for reassurance. The reality with the whole goth thing is that I have never seen myself as a goth, although I do have a love for the dark side, witches and Halloween so I guess I am a goth.  

‘I wanted to have the experience of a lifetime and I really got it!  I got to halfway and it was a double elimination, so although bittersweet to leave it was really lovely to go with Michelle who was in exactly the same situation. We are the best of friends and on the phone all the time.

‘My best bit was making friendships for life. The worst bit for me was having to run out after every bake to pump milk as I was breastfeeding throughout my time on the series. I hope that is encouraging for other mothers. The production team were absolutely incredible at facilitating this and I was so grateful.

‘I am not sure what the future holds for me after Bake Off, but I want to carry on writing and baking and being creative in general.’

Helena and Michelle will both join Jo Brand on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice on Friday 27th September at 8pm on Channel 4.