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Pud-bye to Jairzeno

For Biscuit Week, the remaining 11 bakers took on filled brandy snaps, jammy biscuits and an interactive childhood toy-themed Showstopper. Despite his attempt to make a tall ship made entirely of biscuit, Jairzeno became the latest baker to wave goodbye to the Tent:

‘In the first challenge, I really did run out of time and I was rushing around. Although I finished, it didn’t have my usual presentation. In the Technical, I overbeat the mixture and that didn’t go in my favour. The mast on my boat fell down in the Showstopper and I lost a sail, so it didn’t look as great at the end as all the other bakers. I kind of knew there and then it was time to go. In the future I will make biscuits that don’t involve engineering!

‘For me, the best moment was walking into the Tent for the first time. The worst moment was when things went wrong and all eyes were on you. I found the most difficult challenge was constructing three dimensional figures  for the biscuit Showstopper. I have never done stuff like that before, and I found it hard.

‘It was such a great experience to be on Bake Off and I loved meeting other bakers who are so passionate about baking. I wanted to impress Prue and Paul equally, and I found their comments really helpful. They have a different perspective and that makes it interesting.

‘I am back into my fitness, lots of running and I am baking of course, developing recipes and trying new flavours. My latest is pink grapefruit, chilli and guava. I think life will go on as normal but perhaps a bit more experimental baking after my time in Bake Off.’

Jairzeno will join Jo Brand and Tom Allen on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice on Friday 1st October on Channel 4 at 8.00pm.