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Pud-bye to Jürgen

In Pâtisserie Week, the bakers were challenged with a layered slices Signature, a Sablé Breton Technical and a ‘banquet display’ Showstopper with entremets and an edible centrepiece. Despite his best efforts during the tense Semi Final, it was Jürgen who left the Tent.

‘I knew I was in trouble after the first challenge as Chigs, Giuseppe and Crystelle all got a Hollywood Handshake, but Paul skipped me. After that I came first in the Technical. By the time we got to the Showstopper, I knew it would be close. We were all Star Bakers and proud of what we had achieved. 

‘My baking overall has improved since sending off the application for GBBO. I have learnt loads of new techniques and feel more confident now to bake under pressure! There were plenty of great moments in the tent – the best one was probably finishing my first showstopper on time. My worst moment was receiving bad comments from Paul Hollywood.

‘Paul called me the ‘Konditormeister’ which for me was a real honour, in Germany you do many years’ apprenticeship and training to get that accolade. I also got called the Jürgenator, which made me laugh. 

‘From my Bake Off experience I will take away the knowledge that I have confidence in my flavours and baking, and also how good it was to make new baking friends.

‘I am really proud for the other three bakers to be in the Final, they deserve it. We helped each other out all the way as bakers and during practice there was never any spark of competition. By the time we got to the Semi Final we were close friends and we all appreciated each others’ unique baking styles and personalities. I am so looking forward to watching the Final but I know I will be quite anxious for them while watching it!

‘I would like to thank my wife Sophia and son Benjamin for all their help and inspiration in developing recipes, tasting and being good judges and coaches. Without them I wouldn’t probably have applied, or got to the Semi Final.

‘I am open for what comes to me after my Bake Off experience, so let’s see what arrives. I didn’t go into the Bake Off wanting a career change, but it will be interesting to see what creative possibilities come my way.’

Jürgen will join Jo Brand and Tom Allen on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice on Friday 19th November on Channel 4 at 8pm.