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Pud-bye to Lizzie

After taking on dairy-free ice cream sandwiches, vegan sausage rolls and a gluten-free celebration cake in Free-from Week, it was Lizzie who became the latest baker to leave the Tent in the close Quarter Final.

‘For my Showstopper I wanted to celebrate SEN [special educational needs] – it’s all about being different. I get a lot of brain fuzz and I wanted to show that in my Showstopper. I felt that was the best cake I have ever made in my life, and I walked out of that Tent with my head held high.’

‘I have had such lovely messages on social media about SEN, and they have all been so positive with people relating to me. If it makes them feel good about it and they can identify with someone on television talking about it normally, then I think that is a good thing.

‘I was so pleased to get to where I did, and the bakers that made it to the Semi Final truly deserve to be there.

‘My best moment was just before filming of Week 5 talking to Freya and Crystelle about how proud we were of ourselves that we were baking in the Tent, and then it started to sink in knowing you have made friends for life. Worst hour was making chouxnuts in Pastry Week.

‘What I have learned from Bake Off is that everyone is so different with completely different ideas, visions and methods – and that is what makes baking so special. Never hold back and just try everything.

‘It has changed my life, as I now have 11 people that I can talk to about cake all the time. We visit each other all the time, and Freya and I did a road trip. We went to Scarborough to her home town, and then Leicester to see Chigs, Birmingham for Rochica and then down to London to Amanda who hosted a barbecue for everyone and we stayed with Crystelle. Then we went to Kent to see Tom, and Brighton to see Jürgen, and then over to Bournemouth to see Maggie. We were driving for about 9 days, it was a fantastic trip, and we felt like Thelma and Louise! We get on so well, we will be friends for life.’

Lizzie will join Jo Brand and Tom Allen on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice on Friday 12th November on Channel 4 at 8pm.