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Pud-bye to Mak

It was crunch time with Biscuit Week and although the flavours of Mak’s Signature and Showstopper impressed the judges, they felt he hadn’t quite fulfilled the brief with either and it was sadly time to say pud-bye.

We sat down for a quick chat with Mak to talk about his time in the tent:

‘I know that I gave everything. It was a privilege to be [in the tent] meeting new people and making new friends, it has just been amazing. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, thousands apply and I was so lucky to be given this wonderful opportunity. It’s been such a difficult time for the nation, so I felt very fortunate to be baking in the tent.

‘For the first two episodes, the family all sat round the TV with me and watched, my phone was buzzing with texts and so were their phones! My son was particularly pleased because he was featured in the bee keeping back story! We love keeping bees and we try to be organic as much as possible, it’s a good connection with nature and it’s something to occupy me and it’s very therapeutic. And you get the honey at the end, which I use in my baking of course. My wife shies away from the limelight but without her help and support I couldn’t have made it into the tent and onto TV. She really is the wind beneath my wings!

‘The best moment throughout the series, has to be the many friends you make. I will also treasure the fun times I had with the judges and presenters. I didn’t like the judging process, but I knew the nature of the beast and Paul and Prue were both sensational, Prue was so nice to me and I think she understood me and tried to bring out the best in me at all times – she is a picture of kindness. Matt was absolutely amazing, and when it got really stressful in the tent because of the time restrictions he was such a support. Noel is so zany and they really bounced off each other.  

‘It’s really been one highlight after another. Since the application I have been on a high, going through the audition process, being selected, and finally getting to the tent.  It’s been a year of so many good memories for me and it continues. I am not sure if Bake Off will change my life, it is probably too early to say, but let’s see how I get on. I want to carry on with my enthusiasm for not just baking but cooking in general.

If only everyone in the world had the same opportunities.’

Mak will join Jo Brand and Tom Allen on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice at 8pm on Friday 2nd October on Channel 4.