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Pud-bye to Marc

Marc’s journey through the series and commitment to Cornish ingredients impressed the judges, but unfortunately Dessert Week deserted him and it was time to say pud-bye. We sat down with Marc for a quick chinwag about his time in the tent:  

‘I am so pleased to have made it to The Quarter Final. I didn’t expect at all to get this far, so I feel it has been a great experience and I am so happy that my two daughters got to share it with me. I came to the Bake Off to kind of face my anxieties, to face failure and to face all those things that people can be quite uncomfortable about dealing with. I have definitely learned a lot more about myself and, from what people have said, to give myself a bit more credit, which I don’t!’ 

‘By far my worst moment was seeing David Bowie’s head collapse in my hands – I still have nightmares about it! My best moment was getting Star Baker in Bread Week, I really wasn’t expecting that. I would say being greeted by my two daughters at the end of that episode wins the best experience overall throughout the series. They were a huge support also when I felt a bit low, they are amazing girls.

‘Living in the bubble with my two daughters was quite surreal, but then quickly it became the new normal. In the first few days you are walking around with a big huge smile on your face. The girls loved being there and really enjoyed walking Prue’s two dogs, they felt like it was being in a holiday camp with a few celebrities thrown in. They had the time of their life, and it’s something we all shared together and can talk about in the future. 

‘Sculpting for me is more of a hobby now, as I am a support worker, and of course being a single parent is a full time job. When I do get spare time I love photography and rock climbing when I can. I live in a little village in Cornwall, it is a small friendly community. I do a lot of walking on the coast path with my dog Hamish. I am originally from Leicester and have had an incredible amount of support from there, that together with the support from my village and Cornwall has been overwhelming.

‘I would definitely encourage people to apply, I had no vision of getting on the show. I felt that I wasn’t really an all-round baker, I only applied to keep my daughters happy. I would say you must give yourself the chance to have that opportunity and apply. 

‘I will be watching with my girls from here on, it’s going to be a bit more of a relaxed viewing now I am not in it.  It will be great to watch the remaining bakers go through to The Semi Final and The Final. I am wishing them all the best, they are a great bunch of people, and although I am based in Cornwall we are hoping to meet up when we can, but in the meantime we are all in daily contact.

‘I don’t know if Bake Off has changed my life, but it’s made me a better baker.  I am not sure what is next for me, but it would be lovely if, due to the Bake Off experience, I could find a career in baking – I know that is the direction I would like to go now…’

Marc will join Jo Brand and Tom Allen on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice on Thursday 12th November at 8pm on Channel 4 – don’t forget, it’s a day earlier this week!