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Pud-bye to Rochica

Despite attempts to prove herself in Bread Week with a focaccia Signature, a ciabatta Technical and a birdcage-inspired milk bread sculpture Showstopper, Rochica became the third baker to fly the nest.

‘I guess it’s just the way it goes on the day, even though I had pulled them off quite well in the practice, it didn’t work as well in the actual tent. It just wasn’t my Bake Off day! I think my Cinnamon and Nutmeg Birdcage for the Showstopper wasn’t as elaborate as some of the other Showstoppers. I knew it was definitely my worst week and I wasn’t going to get another chance, I actually got quite emotional at that moment.

‘Prue and Paul totally lived up to my expectations and I wanted to impress them both equally. I worked on my flavours for Prue and uniformity of my bakes for Paul. I am proud of my Caribbean heritage and flavours, and I always tried to bring spices to the Showstoppers.

‘It’s been wonderful to get such a good reaction on social media each week to what I am wearing. If I had known there would be that much interest I might have put more effort into my outfits! I like bright colours and floral patterns, and my nan has taught me how to sew so I am going to be a bit more creative when I am not baking.

‘My dad has been watching the episodes five times over, he knows them off by heart by now. The family have been so supportive and it’s been lovely to see and share their reactions.

‘I will make a cake for each week while the other Bakers are on, I like to bake along with the show and keep up with them on our WhatsApp group – the phone never stops buzzing on a Wednesday morning after the show.

‘I am not sure what is beckoning for me in the baking world, but I do want to showcase my bakes and reveal my full potential, but without a ticking clock! I will take a lot away from my experience on Bake Off, and mainly to have more confidence in myself and my abilities. I haven’t been baking that long, so it’s now a whole new baking world out there for me and I am excited to see what recipes I will come up with.

‘It’s come to an end but I have really really enjoyed it and not everyone gets to bake in the Bake Off Tent, so I am proud of where I have got to. And I am just going to keep baking!’

Rochica will join Jo Brand and Tom Allen on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice on Friday 8th October on Channel 4 at 8pm.