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Pud-bye to Sura

Sura’s flavours have consistently impressed the judges, but in Chocolate Week she came unstuck and it was sadly time to say pud-bye.

We sat down with Sura for a cuppa and a quick chat about her time in the tent:

‘I am gutted, but what is done is done, I am not going to be bitter about it. I have had a great time. I hate white chocolate. I don’t think I will eat chocolate ever again! It just wasn’t my week, that’s the nature of Bake Off, it’s a blessing and a curse as you are only judged on each week, and not overall. But it was my time to go and I was fine about it as I felt that I had done my best overall. I feel that I left with my head held high and I have taken away the best memories of a lifetime. How lucky were we as a group of bakers? We won’t have a Bake Off like that ever again.

‘The worst moment overall for me was in the first episode, when I was swatting the fly from my technical and I knocked over Dave’s creation! My heart dropped and I felt mortified and so upset for him, but he was so good about it. One of my better highlights was Bread Week and I was really pleased with my Showstopper. Paul gave some really lovely comments and to hear that on Bread Week from him was quite special for me. I genuinely think Prue is such a lovely person, and the fact that she loved my Florentines and my mum’s special blend of tea. When I left I gave her what tea I had left so she can have some at home.

I didn’t expect to bond with the bakers so well, but I now have 11 new friends.  It’s a special club that you are joining and I feel honoured to be a part of it.

‘Everyone at work has been lovely and the reaction and response has been amazing, it does throw you off a bit when someone asks for a picture! I feel that the edit captured the essence of who I really am and I have enjoyed watching the show 100%. My husband watches it with me and he is literally howling with laughter, he has been loving it and the fact that it showed so many of my facial expressions – some good and some bad! He has been such a rock throughout the filming, so supportive and he held the fort at home while I was away, and I am eternally grateful to him. It allowed me to spread my baking wings a little and have some me time.

‘When I left the tent I felt I wouldn’t bake for a while, but it only lasted two days.  As soon as I got home, I was itching to start baking again.  Baking for me is more than flour, butter and sugar.  It’s about love and showing the appreciation for the people that are around you, it’s my therapy. Bake Off has reignited my love for baking and really shown me what I want to do in life and that is bake full time, as baking = happiness. I’m going to see what is next for me, but I would like to write a few recipe books and share my love for Middle Eastern food and baking. It would be good to share the family secrets for successful Middle Eastern baking… and the ultimate dream is to study patisserie at the Cordon Bleu cookery school and then open my own bakery.

‘I had the greatest time ever and it remains one of the most amazing experiences in my life to date. It’s the best thing I have ever done for myself, and I will never forget it. This is the first time in my life where I have done something just for me and I feel like I am a winner from it.

Sura will join Jo Brand and Tom Allen on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice, Friday 16th October, 8pm on Channel 4.