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Pud-bye to Tom

The bakers faced mini rolls, malt loaves and anti-gravity Showstoppers in Cake Week, but some things didn’t quite go to plan for Tom and he became the first baker to leave the Tent:

‘In the first challenge I literally ended up flinging mini rolls coated in liquid chocolate onto a cake stand with 5 minutes to go and at least 3 cameras pointed at me! It was at that point I wondered, “What have I signed myself up for!?’’

‘I came 5th in the Technical which wasn’t too bad, but my Showstopper was a bit of a disaster. I wanted something that would celebrate my love of classical music, so I made a three tiered lemon and almond sponge cake of a concert hall. The judges said that for an anti-gravity cake it didn’t really defy the laws of gravity. I was unsure of my design in the first place and then when I was running out of time I knew that I wouldn’t finish it and I really think I had missed the brief on that one!

‘Otherwise on a positive note, singing a duet with Matt Lucas while fretting over my Showstopper will definitely remain one of the most surreal moments of my life.

‘I know it’s hard to go out first and it was short and sweet, but it truly was an experience that I won’t forget. I feel I have learned so much from it and it has made me a better baker and maybe a bit more confident and willing to try new adventures. I didn’t expect to get into the Tent so I feel I really have accomplished one of my goals in life.

‘It’s going to be great to continue watching the series to see how all my friends are getting on in the Tent, and it’s safe to say I will be baking alongside it. I’ve made an amazing group of new baking friends who I know I will keep in touch with.’