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Q&A: Beca

Beca on her quest for the perfect macaroon, and baking ninjas Mary Berry¬†and Paul Hollywood…

What first inspired you to bake?

Baking has always been a part of family life. I hope to inspire my daughter to carry on this tradition.

What has been your biggest baking disaster ever?

Burning several batches of Macaroons in my quest for perfection.

And your baking triumph ever?

Getting onto the 4th series of the Bake Off… and continuing to enjoy to bake.

How does the presence of Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry affect your nerves in the kitchen?

They were like baking ninjas appearing out of nowhere, striking when you least expect!

Which past Bake Off contestants have impressed you the most and why?

Having experienced the Bake Off tent of dreams, I have huge admiration for all the baking alumni!

What is your biggest fear in the kitchen?

Having Paul Hollywood’s voice as my timer alarm, saying on repeat “over-baked, under-proved and over-worked.”

Quick questions…

Tea or coffee? Welsh Tea

White or brown bread? Homemade Brown Bread with proper salted butter

Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla with chocolate sauce

Paul or Mary? Mary of course!