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Q&A: Christine


What first inspired you to bake?

Watching my mum and my granny in the kitchen. They were good but very plain cooks, and from quite a young age I thought I could do better than them!

What has been your biggest baking disaster ever?

My (wonderfully hyped) Oxford Fruit Nutty Loaf  – under-proved and raw on the middle.

And your baking triumph ever? 

My wonderful niece and nephews’ wedding cakes. A real joy to do and boy, was I proud of the finished result.

How does the presence of Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry affect your nerves in the kitchen?

Paul and Mary didn’t make me nervous. I just wanted to do the best that I could.

Which past Bake Off contestants have impressed you the most and why? 

I loved Cathryn from Series 3. Her spontaneity, sense of humour and undoubted baking skills were a joy to watch. She was my husband’s favourite too, but for different reasons!

What is your biggest fear in the kitchen?

My biggest fear in the kitchen is… FEAR! It bodes for disaster!

Quick questions…

Tea or coffee? Tea AM, coffee PM.

White or brown bread? Definitely white.

Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla

Paul or Mary? If I am to be politically correct, Paul and Mary, but I love Mary’s graciousness and I have watched her cook for a long time!