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Q&A: Ruby

Our youngest baker this series, gives us the scoop…

What first inspired you to bake?

As a kid I used to sit for hours looking through the dessert sections of my parent’s recipe books.  And even when I read a proper book, it was always the descriptions of food that I would linger over – these great overblown passages about feasts and cakes and tables laden with food. Over a decade later something finally clicked, and I actually got baking all these things that I’d obsessed over.

What has been your biggest baking disaster ever?

I have constant baking disasters. Baking so rarely seems to go right – there’s always a panic along the way. I am a baking disaster.

And your baking triumph ever? 

I actually got emotional cutting into a batch of croissants that had the perfect structure inside…

How does the presence of Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry affect your nerves in the kitchen?

I was a nervous wreck the whole time.  But I think I might be quite an anxious baker regardless of who’s judging.

What is your biggest fear in the kitchen?

Underproved bread!

Quick questions…

Tea or coffee? Coffee

Chocolate or vanilla? VANILLA. Chocolate sucks!