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Q&A: Sandy

Sandy reveals her biggest baking disaster…

What’s inspired you to bake?

Throughout my whole life I’ve been around baking and without sounding too self-opinionated, I’m rather good at it.

What has been your biggest baking disaster ever?

I’ve had too many to mention. The other week I sat on the bottom layer of a wedding cake. I’d boxed it ready to go, sat down to take my killer shoes off and plonked (yes, plonked) my less than svelte backside right on the box!

And your baking triumph?

When people say “Hey Sand, do those again!”

How does the presence of Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry affect your nerves in the kitchen?

I didn’t think I was nervous but WOW, was I ever! They really try to put you at your ease, but all that kept running through my head was “why are you here, you can’t do any of this, just get your coat now!”

Quick questions…

Tea or coffee? Coffee in the morning, tea with fish and chips
White or brown bread? Bacon sandwich always white, Smoked Salmon always brown
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, with…  chocolate on the side
Paul or Mary? Don’t do this to me! Mary, Paul, Paul, Mary… In GBBO they are essential to each other and to us