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A quick bite with Dan

Dan first started baking to impress his girlfriend with a themed birthday cake. Did it work? Read on…

What’s it like having made it into the Tent?

I have been trying for a few years now, so finally I am here. It’s very hard to describe the feelings, all strange and surreal, and then when you are in the tent it all feels normal pretty quickly.

In the very first week what special memories do you have of that time? 

The first time I saw the white peaks of the tent it gave me butterflies, but also you feel so excited at the same time.

You are asked to make a cake that signifies one of the happiest days of your life.  What would it be and why…and what would it be made of?

My wife and I got married* in a lovely old church not too far from where we live. So I would have the main cake as a sponge but it would have champagne in it, and strawberries and cream in layers. I would do fondant icing and then detail the timbers and the door with colour and spray.


If you could be stuck in a lift with a previous Baker who would it be and why?

I think Iain Watters, he was quite a character.  He is tall like me so perhaps we could help each other get out and he would have construction knowledge!

The Great British Bake Off starts Tuesday 27th August, 8pm on Channel 4.