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A quick bite with David

David’s bakes have been inspired by everything from his mum’s bread to a work trip to Malawi, but there’s an extra special reason why he loves coffee cake…

What’s it like having made it into the Tent?

I have watched Bake Off from the start, and I have daydreamed so many times while walking to work about being in it. When I got accepted it was such a mixture of emotions.  I thought, this is really crazy, am I good enough, will I have enough time to practice?

You are asked to make a cake that signifies one of the happiest days of your life.  What would it be and why…and what would it be made of?

It would have to be the first date I went on with my partner. We met for a cup of coffee, so I would make a coffee cake (which I love) shaped like a large cappuccino and make sugar cubes on the side out of marzipan.

Who will be the most surprised out of your friends/workmates/family that you have made it to Bake Off?

My pottery class because I bring bakes to the class each week and they kept encouraging me to apply.

If you could be stuck in a lift with a previous Baker who would it be and why?

I think it would have to be Dr Tamal, I absolutely loved him, he is my actual favourite ever baker. We both share a medical background, and he would be very chilled.

The Great British Bake Off starts Tuesday 27th August, 8pm on Channel 4.